TennesseeFugitive.Com is a service to provide the Bail Industry and the Judicial system with the technological advantage to capture wanted fugitives.
To place useful images and personal information about the subjects in homes and businesses via the Internet throughout the US, that the fugitive may be returned for trial and make our society a safer place to live.

This is a promise, if you skip out on your bond, we'll come and get you! You can't hide forever!


United States Court Ruling

When bail is given, the principal is regarded as delivered to the custody of his sureties (bondsman). Their dominion is a continuance of the original imprisonment.   Whenever they choose to do so, they may seize him and deliver him up to their discharge, and if this cannot be done at once, they may imprison him until it can be done.   They may exercise their rights in person or by an agent.   They may pursue him into another state.  May arrest on he Sabbath; and if necessary, may break and enter his house for that purpose.  The seizure is not made in virtue of any new process, none is needed.  It is likened to the re-arrest by the Sheriff of an escaping prisoner.

1972 Supreme Court decision in favor of Prather and Rivkin.